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Pure Aqua water from Nature

Pristine untouched clear water delivery directly to our customers. Pure Aqua Water is clear and soothes your hydration. Pure Aqua Water tastes natural and smooth, Experience Pure Aqua Water

Pure Aqua Waters
Pure Aqua Waters
Pure Aqua Water from Nature


The Pure Aqua Water story began when time began, before the Himalayas or the Alps were born. This is the story of the Mountains in South of India, one of the world’s oldest mountain ranges, a legend that lives on with the passage of time from where Pure Aqua Water originates. Drop by drop, for 20 years, Pure Aqua Water trickles down from the catchment area to our deep underground reservoirs. Along the way it is purified as it passes through layers of alluvium and clay that act as natural filters. To ensure purity and an unaltered natural mineral composition in every sip, our bottling environment adheres to the toughest international certification standards.

Pure Aqua Water

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pure Aqua Water?

Pure Aqua water is a packaging drinking water which is clear, natural and odourless.

How is Pure Aqua Water made?

The water is sourced through a natural lake and it's filtered and packaged

Why drink Pure Aqua Water?

Pure Aqua water as the name suggests it is clear,pristine and natural water.

Is Pure Aqua Water recommended for children and Elderly?

Yes Pure Aqua Water is very must recommend as it does not contain any chemical, or any additives, colour or sweetness, its pure natural water which is safe for drinking.

How does Pure Aqua taste like?

Pure Aqua Water tastes like natural water ,it is pristine, odourless and clear.

Why Pure Aqua Water

Pure Aqua Water is pristine, clear water and good for the body. it does not contain any chemical, or any additives, colour or sweetness, its pure natural water which is safe for drinking.

Pure Aqua Water is the best packaged drinking water brand in its segment. Pure Aqua Water is pure, natural, odourless, colorless, and uses the world best filtration process for clean natural water.

Pure Aqua Water delivers can, bottles, goblets directly to homes, offices, Institutions, Hospitality, Retail and Entertainment Sectors

Pure Aqua Waters

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    Pure Aqua Testimonials

    Customer Feedback

    Emilia Clarke
    We tasted pure Aqua water and the water was so clear and pure,it was odourless like other brands had sweet,some salt.
    Emilia Clarke
    Mr.Sandu and Family
    We were on a holiday and we chanced upon Pure Aqua water and the first gulp was so soothing and we felt so good and highly recommendable
    Emilia Clarke
    Morani Brothers
    I am a distributor of other brands and offlate I see a huge demand for Pure Aqua Water
    Emilia Clarke
    Thecapstone Hotels
    We buy regularly known brands in India for your guests for our chain of hotels and we buy chance happened to procure Pure Aqua Water and I must say it's fantastic and my guest always ask for it.
    Emilia Clarke
    Pure Aqua water is also recommendable and I run a chain of pre schools and Nursery